Up For A 7 Day Challenge With Me?


Happy Friday you fantastic humans!

Don’t you wish everyone in the world could be a good person?! I mean wouldn’t that put an end to most of our problems? Sure, there’s a lot of talk on how we are all innately good. That might be so, but what about those that don’t behave like a good person?! They have one day of doing nice things and putting on a smile and that seems to make it okay when they suddenly behave like a cruel person the next day.

There’s so much content out there on forgiving yourself for mistakes made and not being so hard on yourself, but are some people stretching that theory to the point that they validate behaving recklessly because forgiveness is just around the corner?

Falling and failing are great – when you learn from it. We are supposed to make mistakes. That’s how life goes and it’s how we learn. But, it’s the wavering commitment to being a better person that is causing people to lose respect for others and for themselves.

I do think that there is an inherent desire within each person to be a better person, whether they act on it or not. Doesn’t it just feel better, lighter, energizing?

So for the person who just wants to be better for themselves and others, I invite you to take on a challenge for 7 days of practicing one new HARD but honest truth to becoming a better person. I’ll start on Monday, April 25th  and there will be a new post each day for 7 days asking you to try something different, be open to a new perspective or in some cases, just be reminded.

Disclaimer: These won’t be fluffy and they won’t be sweet. When I say hard truth, I mean hard truth.

Throughout my reading history, I’ve come across superb insights from highly respectable experts that have resonated with me and brought clarity into my thinking. So I’m sharing them with you. You don’t have to like it. In fact, you might totally disagree or just be annoyed with this whole thing. You might even have a super strong opinion, which I welcome. So please share your thoughts and comments on the blog, Twitter or the Facebook page. After all, a great way to learn is to start a conversation. It’s okay. It’s all good. This is me offering up a challenge for the good of it.

If you’re in then just check back on Monday for Day 1 and I super hope to see you there. :)

Here we go!

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One comment on “Up For A 7 Day Challenge With Me?
  1. Kelsey says:

    I am in!

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