Day 2. Truth 2.


Truth 2: People aren’t too busy to get back to you, they just don’t want to.

“Hey Jane! What ever happened to that guy you were dating?”

“Weirdest thing. He went away on a trip and I never heard from him again. Didn’t respond to any of my messages. I wonder if he’s okay.”

Not weird, Jane. He’s totally fine. He just didn’t want to call you back.

I told you these truths were going to be harsh, right? But, the sooner you get it, the simpler your life becomes because you stop wasting time on the things that don’t merit your energy.

I’ve seen too many people get all heated when they don’t get a response from someone. Oh they got your message and they read your text or email. Come on, you know how often you check your phone, even when you are busy! Deep down you know the reason why they aren’t getting back to you… at all.

No, he wasn’t too busy.

No, she didn’t lose her phone.

Yes, they received it and read it.

And yes, your phone is working just fine. No need to do the restart.

You just weren’t worth it to them. Your importance level didn’t outshine the other priorities in their life or in that moment and so therefore, you were left hanging. But, that in no way means that you are not important. It just means that you are putting your importance in the hands of someone who just doesn’t care. Does that seem like something an empowered person would do?

Today, I ask you to stop making excuses for the people that don’t make you a priority.

I can promise you this: You are leaving doors closed to the ones that will happily respond to you instead of deliberately not.

Reflect on the people you spend most of your time thinking about. How many of them energize you in a good way compared to those that drain you and upset you? Are the upsets really worth the better part of you?

Don’t get bitter. Get inspired! And make room for those who encourage you rather than frustrate you! Once you do, you’ll feel the energy shift and you can’t help but be a better you.

When you don’t get back to someone, it’s not because you’re too busy. You just don’t want to.

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