Day 7. Truth 7.


The final hard truth!

Truth 7: You are an addict.

We are all addicts to something. All of us, however, are addicted to comfort. Our beautiful minds were built to keep us safe and know that the surefire way to keep us protected is to make certain we have a good defense to any indication suggesting we need to change. Change is so uncomfortable!

But, it’s necessary.

I am not saying you aren’t fabulous just the way you are. I’m not anyone to tell you what to do with your life or how to behave. I’m just some blogger who likes to share insights and hopefully it resonates with someone.

The past seven days have been about being a better human by looking and re-looking at the things in our life that we as humans do, that perhaps we can do better because we’ve had a shift in perspective.

So this last day is a reminder that being happy and being a better person is a choice. No one prevents you from being who you are and no one is responsible for it either. It’s all you. But, oddly enough, people choose to stay addicted to the gloom in their lives and put much of their focus there. Why? Because it’s so much more comfortable than having to do something different.

I mean think about it. If you aren’t generating anything new in your life than you are super safe. There’s no risk.

Now, here’s the more unfortunate part. There are people that don’t want you to write that book. They don’t want you to start your own business and they really don’t want you to go on that diet and get all hot and healthy. Their only real reason they don’t want you to change is because of their own fear. They want you to stay stagnant with them. They are quick to judge those who are in the creating mode and talk about all the wrong ways they are doing it. If they were to do it (which they are not) it would be so much better.


So for this last day I offer two insights.

  1. Don’t ever be the person dishing out negative comments to another person who is creating something. It will only result in people not liking you and worst of all, you won’t like yourself. Applaud creation and get inspired by those doing it. For without it, we don’t grow.
  2. If you’re in the safe mode and addicted to the comfort, pick one thing that you can bring into your life to make it a little more uncomfortable. Be it dance lessons, painting, building, writing, learning a new language… Anything! Pick something you can do well that will actually add value to other people. Creating leads to innovation.

Turn the addiction of comfort to that of creating.

And that is all my friends. Thank you for tuning in these past 7 days. I hope there was at least a morsel of something that you were able to walk away with.

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