The Adventure Begins

For two weeks Mike and I have been packing, purging and storing. Moving. Isn’t it grand?

Outside of being exhausting, it actually wasn’t so bad. This was when I realized that staying on top of clutter has a huge pay off. Still there was much to get rid of. Now, everything that is in storage is only what we want to keep and only what brings us joy. Thank you Marie Kondo.

But, homeless now are we. The house we wanted to buy got bought by someone else and so our search continues. But, what better way to retreat than a beach house? So that’s where we are. We are renting a cute little house in the heart of Del Mar while we find our next home. Why not make it fun, right? This is our view :)


FullSizeRender (1)

It’s an exciting time and it’s also uncertain, which is maybe what makes it even more fun. I’m a huge fan of change in environment. It switches up your brain to think differently and approach things in a more creative manner than you are used to.

But, the big takeaway from this move was that home is really where you make it. Once our house was totally empty, it was just a building to us. It didn’t feel like home. It didn’t feel sad. It’s someone else’s now.

Mike had the house for fifteen years. He was renting it out when we first met. When we moved in together, we had a lot of things that we did to make it “ours.” We’ve had so many parties and so many memories and we expected to be sad once moving became real and yet maybe it’s where we are at in our life that made it feel exciting and not sad. It was a happy move even if we don’t have our final landing place yet. We’ve been talking about plans after this house for so long that without realizing it, we had been disconnecting from it.

I look back on the past year and feel proud of the things we let go of both emotionally and physically. Having the moment of clarity and seeing what has been a drain of energy and totally standing in the way of what you really want is all things awesome. But then following through with getting rid of those things is like the best thing ever. It’s freedom. I’ve experienced this myself and I’ve especially witnessed this with so many things in my future husband. It’s a beautiful thing to watch someone you love with all of your heart make changes and become even more amazing.  Seeing and feeling the results of disconnecting from any poison in our lives is what keeps up the momentum and inspires even more creativity.

It’s a good place to be.

And so is the beach.

The adventure begins continues…

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