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SummerPicAuthorSummer Felix was born Summer Ann Singagliese in July 1977 to a pair of hippies turned yuppies. After 12 years of trying to conceive, Summer’s mother went to study with the Maharishi and her new enlightenment with Transcendental Meditation was all that was needed to finally get pregnant with what would be her only child, Summer.

Summer grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles, and graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Communications and Creative Writing. She later received her Masters in Juggling Child Tantrums and Divorce.

Summer currently resides in San Diego California with her 8 year old techy wanna be surfer son, her 6 year old My Little Pony obsessed daughter who’s discovered lipstick makes her eyes pop, her 10 year old bonus son, 8 year old bonus daughter, 1 Dutch man and a hermit crab.

If you haven’t been scared off yet, please read on for more details on this author.

1977-1990: Let’s make this brief. Up until 1985, Summer was a tomboy. If you tried to put her in tights and patent leather, she would give you the silent treatment for an entire day until you redressed her in LA Gears, Adidas shorts and a tank top. No ribbons, please. No pigtails.

We should just skip right over the 80’s in general. An old family photo album would speak for itself. She tried. But, only Madonna could pull off that look.

1990 – 1995: High School. Does anyone ever really get over high school? Does anyone even care? She did great in English. Math? Let’s blame it on her near sightedness.

1995: And then there was college. Religion classes, raspberry smoothies, Malibu bluffs and always the designated driver. After seeing ‘what’s her name’ naked and puking in the trees she knew her untested tolerance should remain untried.

Most of her poetry, screenwriting and short story writing in college demonstrated a shared theme. We won’t mention names. But what 19 year old doesn’t fall in love with long blond, shimmery abs and a guitar?

1998: Living in London, Paris and Edinburgh, traveling the world and running herself into the much popular college credit card debt.

1998 – 2000: Screenwriting intrigued Summer and she decided to study more at UCLA. Then screenwriting classes turned into acting classes. And acting class turned into boyfriend.

2000 – 2003: Summer’s long engagement to said boyfriend became actual marriage on June 6, 2003. Keep that date in mind. The omen will reveal itself soon.

2003 – 2005: Summer and husband create successful Internet marketing company. But, somehow, Summer’s creative talents for writing turn into event planning, bookkeeping, and taming office drama.

2005: Let’s make a baby! Summer gets pregnant. Business is booming. Marriage is thriving. First son is born.

2006: Let’s make another baby! Wait, you’re still in, right?

2007: Summer is pregnant with baby # 2. Latest business creation gets very successful. Then marriage anniversary year 6/6/6 hits.

At 7 months pregnant, the song “Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer takes meaning.

2008: Marriage dissolves.

2009: Summer hits the dating scene.

2009 – Present: Gotta get your material from somewhere.

Please buy my book. Haven’t I been through enough?

Want to find Summer elsewhere on the web? Head over to her writers’ services company Jellyroll, Inc. and whiteboard animation marketing services company The Draw Shop. Surely she is elbows deep into a writing project while frantically trying to search for her lost mind!

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